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Sewer lines are connected all through your house and, like most plumbing, you don’t notice it until it stops working.

Common residential drain problems start under the sink in the kitchen or bathroom. Usually, the pipe or p-trap is eroded from the inside out or the gasket inside becomes worn out. If you catch the problem while it’s small, it will do the least amount of damage to your home.



We have partnered with Duane’s Sewer Service for over 30 years. Backups can usually be handled the same day that you call. If not the same day, then it is usually the next day. We offer a two hour window of when the Duane will arrive. If you have cleanouts and the backup is in your main line, it can lessen the indoor mess to open the cleanout and let the mess overflow outside. If you don’t have cleanouts, we highly recommend have them installed.

Sewer clearing is charged by the line, not by the hour.

The Main line is $86. All other drains are $76. Additional connected lines are $20.

Connected plumbing issues are handled by one of the plumbers and not by the sewer man.


If you are having constant backups then it might be time for a repair or even a new line. You can have your sewer line snaked with a camera to find the problem and then we can either repair that section or just replace the whole line. We do not offer camera service, call us for a recommend.

Trying to figure out if you need a sewer repair or a full replacement? Here are some tips that might help.

  1. Do you have a yard with gravel, stone or cement? Removing stone and concrete can double the cost of a repair.
  2. Do you have 20+year old trees with heavy roots that make digging that area very laborious?
  3. Do you have a short sewer line? So short that the hole in the ground is big enough that the more than 60% of the line is uncovered just to do a repair?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then we would suggest replacement of the whole line and possibly in a different area.If you answered no to the above questions, then it might be more economical to repair a small section.

The biggest downside to sewer repair is that you don’t know what’s under the ground until it’s all dug out. Every line is different and every home is different.

If you have a yard with gravel, stone or cement then the labor bill can double. It takes a lot more time and effort to remove the ground cover before we can even start digging in the dirt. Then, everything has to be put back. To save on labor costs, some customers prefer to dig the hole themselves and have it open and ready for the plumber to work with the pipe.

We work with homeowners, business owners and management companies to get the plumbing flowing as soon as possible.


Two-way cleanouts allow a plumber access to your sewer when you have a stoppage. One opening sends the cable toward the street and the other sends the cable toward your house. They can be added to an existing, non-blocked line without much problem. Cleanouts can lessen the labor and cost of a sewer system backup because some lines end up being be dug up and punctured in order to clear them out.

For toilet replacements see the Plumbing tab above


We have a one hour minimum charge. After the first hour we charge by the quarter hour. The hourly charge includes the time for the plumber to drive to the work and any supply houses for parts that they might not have on the truck. We carry common parts on the truck but cannot carry every part that is ever needed.


We can offer you an estimate for most installs or large repairs. A large repair is anything over $300 or more than three hours of work. If our repairman can fix the issue in the time it takes to give an estimate, then it defeats the purpose of an estimate.