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We offer a seasonal changeover to heating. The plumber will service and start the heater and shut down the cooler. This is typically done in the fall between September and October. The procedure is different for each type of system but typically it includes turning off all the electrical, water, gas and air systems to the cooler and turning them on in the heater. At the time of service, be sure to have all of the parts out for the plumber and talk to him about what a changeover means for your system.


We repair all brands of forced air, floor, and wall furnaces and we are a certified Bryant dealer.

Common furnace repairs include:

  • Filter replacements
  • Filter cleaning
  • Component/circuit board replacements
  • Duct repair
  • Duct replacement
  • Vent replacement
  • Servicing the burner assembly
  • Replacing thermocouples
  • Changing mercury thermostats to digital
  • Thermostat issues
  • Running or repairing the gas
  • Replacing gas valves

Symptoms that need repair:

  • Blowing cold air
  • Thermostat calls for heat but the furnace remains silent
  • Extremely loud operation
  • Banging, clicking, booming, wheezing, whining sounds
  • Furnace seems to run but no air comes out
  • One room is always cold while others are warm
  • Yearly Seasonal Changeover


Change your dial thermostat to a digital programmable thermostat to save energy costs. Most can be set to a lower temperature while you are at work and then raise to a comfortable level an hour before you expect to be home. You don’t have to heat the air while you’re not there.


Boilers are water heating systems. They are usually connected to a baseboard or some type of radiator.

David can repair the old, convert your system or completely install a new system. Pictured right is David replacing a boiler.

Common boiler repairs are:

  • Air locked components
  • Zone valve repairs
  • Manifold leaks
  • Burner Cleaning
  • Gas component repairs
  • Electrical system repairs like thermostats, zone valves or inducer fans
  • Pump failures
  • Vent replacement

All heaters can have digital thermostats installed so that you can control the comfort level of your home or office.


A heat pump is the heating side of a refrigerant style cooling system. If you are familiar with how a refrigerator works, think of it as a backward system. This pump works along with a refrigeration system or split system. There is one coil outside and one inside.

Pro’s of this system: it no gas connections, can be made as a geothermic system and can be used in addition to a furnace or as a backup system. It simply runs on electricity.

The con’s of the system: Efficiency is determined by the heating system that it is replacing and by the region in which the home is located, among other things.


Ducting is an important factor of a heating or cooling system. If your unit is running properly but you still aren’t feeling the heat like you should, then the problem could be in the duct work. We repair and replace sections of ductwork, both rigid and soft. We can help you if you need to convert from sonoduct to an attic or roof top duct. Typically we don’t install large, commercial ductwork but call us, we will give you a referral.

Common ducting repair symptoms:

  • A room that never gets heat from the furnace or cool air from the air conditioner, then you might need the duct repaired or resized
  • No slide damper or way to stop furnace airflow
  • Dirt, dust or debris come through the vent with the air
  • Air vents direct the air to the wrong area
  • Downdraft air conditioners often leak ruining the plenum ductwork into the home

Many homes use a cooler tarp to stop warm air from escaping their home, but this method can actually harm your cooler. The best method to stop air flow is a slide damper. The damper goes into the duct work and not the cooler, so one can be added to every type of system.

*We don’t sweep or clean duct systems.