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Gas Lines and Fixtures


We install, repair, and replace gas lines, fittings and equipment. When your equipment breaks, we replace it with either our professional grade equipment or your owner purchased equipment. However, we do not warranty owner purchased equipment, see below.

We sell gas furnaces, water heaters, boilers, floor heaters and wall heaters with install only. We do not sell gas equipment without install nor do we work on the inner mechanics of appliances. We simply supply gas from the meter to the appliance.


We have a one hour minimum charge. After the first hour we charge by the quarter hour. The hourly charge includes the time for the plumber to drive to the work and any supply houses for parts that they might not have on the truck. We carry common parts on the truck but cannot carry every part that is ever needed.


We can offer you an estimate for most installs or large repairs. A large repair is anything over $300 or more than three hours of work. If our repairman can fix the issue in the time it takes to give an estimate, then it defeats the purpose of an estimate.


  • Checking for leaks
  • Changing one fitting
  • Repairing one to three leaks on the same line
  • Replacing an old appliance with a new appliance on an existing line
  • Changing a thermocouple
  • New Home inspections
  • Changing a gas valve
  • Capping off a line
  • Checking for cracks in a firebox


  • Changing all the gas fittings
  • Pressure/Mercury Testing
  • Repairing multiple leaks
  • Running a new gas line to a new section of the house
  • Punching through a wall to run a line
  • Replacing more than one section of pipe
  • Rerouting a line
  • Cleaning the burners on a unit that booms • Gas Line Installs
  • Furnace, Water Heater, Boiler installation/replacement

*Anytime we work on gas equipment, all adjoining equipment must be brought up to code. This includes adding equipment that may not have been required at the units original install.


If your meter has been red tagged by the gas company or your gas has been turned off for more than 30 days then you will need a pressure test and an inspection. The homeowner has to be at the residence for both the plumber and the inspector each time they arrive. There is an inspection fee and labor charge.


If we install your equipment, we warranty our labor but cannot warranty your equipment. If your equipment fails, we will repair it if possible but it will not be under our labor warranty. Our labor warranty is 30 days from the date of install. We warranty joints that we seal.

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